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Global Oceans International Print Exchange and Exhibition

Printmakers from all over the Globe were invited to participate in the second Adelaide International Print Exchange, which will be exhibited in the Upstairs Gallery at the Hahndorf Academy, in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia, from March 24 to April 23 2017. This time the theme is Global Oceans: 71% of the Earth is ocean, yet we undervalue and pillage our oceans' resources. They are a hugely important means of communication: they both unite and divide our cultures. Marine life and the wildlife that live on or near the seashore are all under threat, as the sea temperatures increase and the sea level rises. At the same time, the depths of the ocean remain as mysterious to us as outer space


Mary Pulford's delightful lino print 'Mangrove and Samphire' represents the opposite end of the ocean from Kate's print - and it's printed on paper made from seaweed! Mary says: "Our Global Oceans consist of a range of fragile environments. From the oceanic depths to coastal areas, human civilisation is having an impact.
Climate Change studies show that sea levels will rise, though there are no fi...rm conclusions as to how far they will rise. What is clear, is that any rise in sea-level will impact on coastal areas.
Mangrove ecosystems occur in sheltered coastal areas, with the mangrove tree being an extraordinary species living between the land and the sea. South Australia is home to the Grey Mangrove Avicennia marina, a widespread and hardy species, and inland salt marsh areas are accompanied by Samphire.
As Climate Change progresses, the impact of rising sea levels, storms and storm surges is likely to see the decline of mangroves along with the wildlife they support."

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